Clinical Trials & Pipeline

Astellas Clinical Trials

Click here for a listing of registered clinical trials where Astellas is either the sponsor or collaborator.

Astellas Investigator Sponsored Research Portal

The Astellas Investigator Sponsored Research Portal allows investigators to submit requests to Astellas for funding and/or drug support for their research proposals. In addition, this portal allows study investigators to stay in direct touch with their studies and follow them through from initial submission to final study report.

Key features of the portal include:

  • A simplified registration process
  • A message system, which allows direct contact between the investigator and Astellas
  • A straightforward eight-step process to managing a study, from concept through submission of the final study report

Visit to register as an investigator or to obtain additional information.

Astellas Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs)

Astellas MSLs are located throughout the United States and specialize in one or more therapeutic areas including cardiology, infectious disease, transplant, oncology, and urology.They respond to unsolicited medical inquiries and present research data to healthcare institutions and organizations. Upon request they provide support for corporate-sponsored clinical trials.

Click here to contact an Astellas MSL.

Research & Development (R&D) Pipeline

Click here for an overview of Astellas’ clinical development projects (R&D Pipeline).


Astellas Pharma Support Solutions

Astellas Pharma Support Solutions℠ seeks to help patients and healthcare professionals answer all their billing, claims and patient assistance questions regarding Astellas products.

Astellas-Sponsored Medical Apps


"Management of Candidemia in the Stewardship Era"

The timely diagnosis and treatment of candidemia is a persistent clinical challenge and may be a key target of antifungal stewardship programs. This free application, developed with expert faculty, provides evidence-based information on candidemia with respect to key risk factors, selected diagnostic tests, collaborative management approaches, the use of intravascular catheters, current etiologic trends, and the application of stewardship approaches.

Please note: This application is intended to provide guidance for clinicians. It is not intended to serve as a substitute for sound clinical judgement and practice experience. The content or material Astellas Pharma US, Inc., provides herein is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical, legal, financial, investment, or other professional advice or opinion.

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"Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC)"

This free application will help guide you through the process of determining whether cardiac radionuclide imaging (RNI) is appropriate for your patient, based on the 2009 Appropriate Use Criteria, a report of the American College of Cardiology Foundation Appropriate Use Criteria Task Force, the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology, the American College of Radiology, the American Heart Association, the American Society of Echocardiography, the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography, the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, and the Society of Nuclear Medicine.

Visit the app website at for additional information or to use the online version.

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"Show Me OAB"

Show Me OAB is an interactive clinical tool designed to facilitate dialogue between healthcare professionals and their patients dealing with overactive bladder(OAB). Users can zoom deep into the anatomy of a 3D model to see how an overactive bladder functions differently than a normal bladder. The app aims to educate patients on their doctor’s diagnosis, as well as address the misconceptions that can become barriers to the treatment of OAB.

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